We believe in constantly adapting to new and better ideas and technology.

Everything we do is meant to improve the investing and leasing experience.

We do it by searching for and exploiting inefficiencies in the leasing and rental markets.

Quickly transforming every-day homes into cash positive, residential investment properties.



Identify the Right Property

With all of our experience over the last decade leasing and managing 20,000+ SFR’s throughout the entire country, we know that not all investments are equal.

A cheap home may look good on paper but it isn’t always the best investment.  Cheaper properties in lower rent areas typically attract a lower caliber tenant.  That combination often means higher turnover and late rent payments.  After factoring in the lost rent, turnover and extra time it costs you, is it really a great investment?  Plus, you already have a job.

InvestDoor focuses on newer, lower maintenance houses, in stable rental areas, that attract high-quality tenants looking for a place to call home for years to come.  We want InvestDoor to be the best investment you’ve ever made, and one that brings you great satisfaction!


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Improve the Property

A solid property that has been thoroughly inspected, updated, and with all major systems serviced, is the foundation of a great investment.  Maintenance and repair bills are no fun and cut into your profit, so our mission is to identify all of the known and potential issues and immediately address them.  The best time to address an issue is the first time you know about it so we won’t pass the buck on to you or your tenant.

We also know that the key to finding the best tenants is to have a property that shows the best.   In order for the process to work correctly, the quality of the tenant needs to align with the quality of the home.  High-quality tenants demand better than lower-quality homes, and that’s why we only offer great, clean properties.

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Find the Tenant

Now that the property is up to our standards, we can go find that perfect tenant for the property, one that loves it as much as we do!  We believe that a great relationship with the tenant, based on mutual respect and professionalism, is paramount to your success.  That’s why we treat people how we would want to be treated. Happy tenants are good for your bottom line! 

Using the RentDoor system, our properties rent quickly and tenants often sign multi-year leases, so you won’t have to worry about your property sitting vacant and losing rent.  It’s a great, cash-flowing investment from the moment you sign!


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It’s Now Ready for Your Portfolio

Now that you have a great property, in great shape, with great tenants, you’re on your way to great things!  And the best part, your investment makes money from Day 1! No shelling out money while the renovations are being completed, or while marketing for a tenant.  And, no guessing on what your monthly cash flow will be or what the property will rent for. It’s already rented, you can have confidence in your returns!


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