Challenge the traditional leasing process…

Everything we do centers on you, your property and your goals for it.

How? We provide the tools to find the next tenant for your investment.  Quickly, efficiently and safely.

It just so happens that we are the experts in residential leasing.


Enjoy leasing and managing your own investments?  We all know having the right tenant partner in your property can make or break your experience.  Having great tenants makes you want to go buy more, and one bad one makes you want to burn them all to the ground! (Kidding, don’t do that, we’re here to help!)

I personally know what it takes to find that perfect partner.  How much time and energy is spent driving across town to open doors for potential tenants, running applications, and calling landlords and employers.  It can become a full time job, and you probably already have one of those!

So do I.  I sell investment real estate.  That’s why I built the RentDoor leasing process, and use it to lease my own portfolios.


No longer does a vacant property dictate my life.  And no longer do I miss dinners, get togethers or football games to open doors and take tenant phone calls!


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