At InvestDoor we believe in real estate as an investment!

So much so that it’s our mission to make it a reality for anyone!




Meet the Founder

Donovan Reese

Donovan has more than a decade in the single family residential property management space since co-founding Renters Warehouse in 2009.  It became the largest and fastest growing leasing and property management company in Arizona before expanding across the country.  After taking on an equity partner, Donovan stayed on and became Market President/President of Sales and was responsible for leasing 20,000+ homes across 24+ markets.

Having been deeply entrenched in property management through the real estate downturn, Donovan has seen firsthand the changing views on real estate.  Many Americans are now making the ‘choice’ to be renters. Be it Millennials, Gen X’ers, or Baby Boomers, renters make up nearly 37% of the population, the highest in 50 years.  

In 2009, Donovan, at Renters Warehouse initiated a movement that helped thousands of homeowners escape foreclosure.  Together they were able to turn their homes into rental properties.  Someone else paid the mortgage as they rode out the downturn.  Today, many people still have those great cash-flowing properties and have since regained their equity.  And then some!

Back then we called them “Unintentional Landlords”, but times have changed!  We now have almost 17 million properties that are owned by individual investors and over 500,000 individual annually becoming “Intentional Landlords”.  More people are now choosing to achieve their dreams through owning investment real estate. 

InvestDoor wants to be there with you every step of the way!

The Difference

We believe that owning investment real estate shouldn’t be a dirty, painful experience.  In fact, we believe that it can be easy, one where everyone benefits. Providing a clean, high-quality house that attracts high quality, long-term tenants is the foundation to building the right investment portfolio.

Now with the InvestDoor Turn Key solution, you’re on your way to building your real estate empire.  And, you still keep your weekends free!

You no longer need to spend your weekends:

  • Scouring the Internet Looking for the Ideal Project
  • Managing Renovations and Contractors
  • Marketing and Showing the Property to Prospective Tenants
  • Tracking Down Missing Application Information
  • Taking Tenant Calls and Chasing Down Rents